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The Beach House
by Jenny Hale

A bit too cutesy & predictable for my taste.

by Anita Shreve

I have read a few books by this author, but it's been awhile and now I know why. This is a story about a EMT who rescues an inebriated young woman from a car accident. He falls in love with her, she gets pregnant, has the baby, continues drinking and they part after another accident with the child in the car. He raises the child as a single parent. Life in a small town in Vermont goes on, and as the child grows up, she has questions and acts out against her Dad. It is a very predictable story and I didn't think the writing was that good, but it was a fast read and I kept going with it. The characters are not likable and the ending was wrapped up too fast. Only two stars for this one, OK for a beach read.

Beach Read
by Emily Henry

As the title suggests, this is a fun beach read! It’s a fast paced loved story that will leave you wanting to turn the pages to see if the characters end up together.

by C.L. Polk

Such fun for a lover of gaslamp fantasy!

by Hannah Templer

Good representation for gay & non-white characters, and a pleasant story. But more comic book than graphic novel, in my opinion; too much of the art does nothing to drive the story.

by Terry Pratchett

Not a standalone --this will only be funny for people who already know the Discworld. And it ends far too abruptly, enough so that it should say "see XYZ" for more about these characters.

White trash
by nancy isenberg

An informative and engaging analysis of the history of class divisions in America from before colonization to the present day. It provides insight into how our modern cultural values evolved, and the unforeseen consequences of many historical choices and events. Quotes and anecdotes keep it from being a dry scholarly work, but thorough research is evident. The narrator is excellent. If you like books like Gladwell's Outliers or Kurlansky's Salt, you'll probably enjoy this book as well.

Bardic Voices
by Mercedes Lackey

First third a good romp, then it starts to drsg.

Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale

Surprisingly powerful middle reader book

Book Of A Thousand Days
by Shannon Hale

I liked the twists in this.
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