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18th Abduction
by James Patterson

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Great mystery, kept you on the edge of your seat . A very quick read for the summer program.

The Knitingale
by Kristan Hannah

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Great Book. Author does a great job of portraying the story of two French sisters and the different (but somewhat similar) paths they took during the Nazi occupation of France--one making the best of a terrible situation and the other "headstrong" one joining the French resistance fighters--the many rules implemented by the Nazis, the daily trials of living among the Nazis, the deportation of French Jews to concentration/work camps in Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe, the personal struggle of one sister trying to keep herself and her daughter safe. The lessons she learned living with a "gentlemanly" German Captain and later with a brutal SS Officer. I love the way Kristin Hannah tells stories. You can't put the book down. Fantastic book. Another must read.

A Dogs Purpose
by Cameron Bruce

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Loved the book!

Inside the O'Briens
by Lisa Genova

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Account of how family members deal with the discovery of their father's Huntington's disease. Potential to promote the reader's reflection; ideas generalized to related scenarios.

If Not For You
by Debbie Macomber

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If not For You by Debbie Macomber Format: Paperback Genre: Light romance Plot: Beth, a piano teacher at high school, has made a living for herself far away from her dominating mother. She is cultured and plays the piano like a fast flowing river. She is set up on a blind date with a neighboring mechanic, Sam. The date is disastrous as expected, but while they drive off from the dinner, Beth suffers a dreadful accident. Since it all happens in front of Sam, he feels obligated to be there for her during her strenuous stages of recovery. They are polar opposites. She is cultured, he is uncouth. She is trained in an esteemed music school, he taught himself to play the guitar squeezing time to practice while meddling with cars. But they clicked! Wait till elite mommy dear hears of this guy in her daughter's life. Stars: A romantic 4 stars from me.

The Ghost Hunter Next Door
by Danielle Garrett Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries

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Title: The Ghost Hunter Next Door Genre: Humor, Supernatural Medium: Hoopla Author: Daniell Garrett Ghost Whisperer Scarlet runs a floral business. But her secret duty is to help restless spirits find peace. She has a couple of ghost friends and a ghost pet too who are permanent residents at her house! While Scarlet's delicate balance between all things living and dead is precariously maintained, one day, a raging ghost Rosie storms to her floral shop. She commands Scarlet to stop renovation work going on at a nearby historic house. Scarlet feels helpless and concerned. Rosie has damaged the equipment and tried her best to shut down all renovations herself! She was murdered in the house by her fiance 20 years back. What is the reason of her outburst after all these years and how will Scarlet stop any further damage to the property? 3 stars.

by Rowenna Miller

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interesting world building. will continue with the series

If She Knew
by Blake Pierce

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If She Knew by Blake Pierce. Genre: Mystery Medium used : Hoopla audio Plot: 55 year old Kate is a retired FBI agent. She misses her thrilling life and jumps at the opportunity when her old team asks her to be a consultant for some cold cases. Before long, she stumbles upon a case involving a serial killer targetting 30 year old ladies. Do these ladies have anything in common or is it a maniac on a random, morbid spree? My Opinion: Reading a serious mystery after long made me enjoy the thrill that this book offered. The characters stick to business and the narration is fast flowing. I feel the revelation, albeit action packed, was hurried. Rating : 3.5

by Dean Koontz

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Having read many novels by Koontz this was one of the more disappointing ones. It started out with an interesting premise but by the mid-point my interest started to wan. The story seemed to plateau and the main protagonist’s actions seemed so clinical and unfeeling at times that I stopped caring. The latter part of the book felt rushed as Koontz tried to wrap up all the loose ends.

If She Saw A Kate Wise Mystery Book 2
by Blake Pierce

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Finished If She Saw by Blake Pierce Medium: Hoopla Plot: It is the quiet ones you need to watch out for! This seems to be the message in this highly action-packed story of Agent Kate Wise and agent Demarco. Both women are quick, efficient and work together in tandem gait to solve murders. While Kate is back from her retirement, Demarco is among the youngest in the FBI. They are assigned a case of a double murder in Virginia. The method and planning seem to be done by someone highly skilled, but mentally disturbed. He/ She proceeds to commit another couple's murder. It is left to the agents to track down the killer. Will they be on time? I liked this thriller which is Book 2 in the Kate Wise Mystery series. This book too has a super hurried ending, but the suspense is maintained till the end. 3.5 stars.
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